Caring for Your Poppy Pods

Caring for Your Poppy Pods

Poppy pods are very versatile and multifunctional plants. Aside from the evident associations with drug cultures and opiates, also called opium poppy pods, there are a range of other usages for this types of flowers.

Poppy Plant Flower


The poppy plant flower can be seen in a range of different colors and differing degrees of sizes which can be quickly determined due to its appeal in nations throughout the world. Dried poppy pods also bring a myriad of useful and decorative usages together with them. This can be seen anywhere from being a representation for war veterans throughout Remembrance Day to home and garden decoration and even as a component in foods and beverages.

Getting Famous

Gradually the poppy pod has gotten around the world acknowledgment and is significantly becoming increasingly more popular. It is not a surprise to know that its appeal as an addition to a lovely seasonal garden or dried flower arrangement is also broadening among lovers.

People who purchase or grow their own poppies understand that it is a very pleasurable experience that must not be missed out on when thinking of including new flowers to cultivate and take care of whether it is for personal lovers or expert flower designers.


If you are one of those who enjoy gardening and making the effort to plant poppy seeds to look after them and watch them grow, then you are not alone. Many individuals like the complete experience of really purchasing their preferred poppy seeds so that they can plant them in their own garden and watch them bud, bloom and become a lovely flower right before their own eyes.

Some compare it to looking after their own kids as they support, water and feed them. Finding high quality and low expense seeds is not that hard to find as there are a lot of online providers who sell them.


A substantial advantage about sprouting poppies is that they can practically grow almost anywhere and in most climate condition. This makes it a very durable plant for people who wish to cultivate them.

Their adaptability spreads out even more than that since they not only enjoyable to the eyes they can be squashed into great powder to make poppy seed tea, kept as entire seeds to include as a delicious component to breads or other baked products, as well as sprayed into primary prepared meals such as chicken.

Special Care

To ensure an abundant crop and abundant garden, when you purchase dried poppy pods you need to understand that you need to take unique care to ensure they are not consumed by birds or other small animals before they have an opportunity to grow into a flower.

Other possible concerns might show up if specific actions are not taken such as not offering enough nutrients in the soil you are planting them in and even being reckless and planting the seeds too late into the season for that reason limiting their natural development cycle.

Required Actions

There are also extra actions that you need to be conscious of when trying to appropriately support and look after freshly establishing poppy pods.

For instance, make certain that you buy dried poppy pods from a trusted online wholesaler or supplier so that you can be pleased with the quality of the poppies before you start. Poppies can be planted in various methods that include being cast by hand into the soil or transferred into small shallow holes. Both are very beneficial and efficient techniques to plant poppies.

If you reside in an area where dry environment is the standard, then the seeds will need to be looked after and kept an eye on often. This includes you watering them regularly as well as to make sure they are not being consumed by birds of other small rodents.

A great preventative procedure for such events is to place a layer of manure over your soil which not only keeps such birds and animals away but also offer nutrients for the young poppy seeds which significantly assists them to grow perfectly.

Last Step

Lastly you can now have the complements of looking after your poppy pods and enjoy the abundant enjoying of these terrific flowers.

After thoroughly carrying out these actions and preserving your day-to-day care program, it is now a matter of patiently awaiting the poppy pods to bloom into wonderful complete grown plants. During the last days in the growing and maturation phases, make certain to water them daily and manage their development as these are crucial aspects in taking care of these plants to make sure that you have a fantastic end product.