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write for us

Here at HAZEBROUCK HOFLANDT Nature we are always searching for great authors who can contribute amusing and original short articles. If you would like us to think about you, please call us. Ensure you give us information of your very own website or a connect to some short articles you have actually composed.

What Are We Looking for?

We are searching for people who want nature in any of its types, and wish to share that enthusiasm with the world. The topic of any submission need to be nature associated. You do not always need to be a fantastic author; you just need to have your very own special insight into nature.

We are at first trying to find visitor factors who can send intriguing nature news or original nature short articles in any type you want. We are also searching for full-time factors who can devote to at least one submission weekly. Let us know which you wish to be. All factors will start as visitors, and as we familiarize you and your work we will perhaps use you a full-time position as it appears.

A Few Rules

This is something we need to do. While we are here to assist you get direct exposure for your website or to assist show your writing to the world, we also have an objective to make HAZEBROUCK HOFLANDT Nature the best it can be.

These guidelines and standards are the only way we can attain security of your rights and ours. If you need explanation or have a recommended change of our guidelines let us know.

We are a nature publication. That means that submissions need to be mostly about nature. This is a quite apparent one.

Any short article or story you send should be your very own original work. You might collect news from other sources, but it needs to remain in your very own words and correct credit should be provided.

When you send your post or other work to us, you give us the non-exclusive, royalty free right to release it here on HAZEBROUCK HOFLANDT Nature in methods we choose. You also approve the readers of HAZEBROUCK HOFLANDT Nature the right to use the story for personal, non-commercial use.

HAZEBROUCK HOFLANDT Nature is meant for any ages. We will not endure bad language, hate, or unfavorable habits of any kind. But the topic of specific regular animal functions is alright.

Our main objective is the mild observation of nature. We are not a political or spiritual publication, so strong political or spiritual views of any kind are not typically welcome here. Viewpoints on particular nature associated subjects are great, and we will examine these at our discretion.

We will right away dismiss and overlook any application to write for us if the candidate overlooks these guidelines and has actually plainly revealed that they have not read them.